Privacy Policy

Sea Kayaking Adventures, Coaching & Instruction based in Oban

Who we are

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Areas Covered By This Statement

i) This statement outlines Leonie Mead Sea Kayaking policy relating to the usage of information gathered about Leonie Mead Sea Kayaking’s Customers. This covers information collected by any means of communication between Customers and me. Leonie Mead Sea Kayaking will not use this information in any way that breaches the Data Protection Act or any other UK legislation covering personal information.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

i) I collect only the information that I need in order that I can provide you with the Service you have requested.

  • Contact information – your name, address, phone and email details necessary to contact you for matters concerning your booking and emergency contact/ land contact in case of an incident.
  • Medical information – to allow appropriate trip planning.
  • Credit card information – if you choose to pay by credit card over the phone or through the website no details of your card information are retained by me after the payment has been processed. 

Sharing Your Information With Third Parties

  • Your information will not be shared with anyone else, except in if an incident occurs where we need to share your details with medical authorities, rescue or coastguard if there is an incident during activity.   

Accuracy Of Your Information

  • The accuracy of the information that I hold is important for smooth communication between  Art & Sea Sea Kayak Guiding and Coaching and its customers. If you believe or suspect that the information I hold may be in error in any way, please contact me.

Security Of Your Information

  • All of your information is kept securely.